‘Ceci n’est pas Medium story’

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Lara Starsearch
3 min readApr 30

I like trying to talk to the uber drivers we’ve had on this trip. Any uber driver really. Especially when they speak a different language. I don’t want them to crash of course. You can’t bombard them with questions but it’s nice to try to find something to say besides ‘What kind of fun things are there to do in — — -?’ Sure, you can say that, but it’s also fun to try to come up with something new. Yesterday I asked the guy if he was tired of tourists. He said ‘no’ and that ‘he actually liked them a lot compared to the locals who were backwards.’ Wow! I believed him. sure, he could have been just trying to flatter us but still. I got the feeling he wasn’t.

Another guy looked like a teacherly dude who just did uber trips for a little extra cash when he wasn’t grading papers. He had kind eyes. When he laughed, it was a very genuine laugh. I could see it in his eyes. That’s all I could really see in the rear view mirror.

Another guy played a little trick with me when I got in the uber. You’re supposed to give them the pin code so that they can input it in their phone and get a match. When I gave him my pin code, he misspoke the last number and put in an 8 instead of a 9 and as I tried to correct him he laughed and told me he was joking. Even uber drivers can have fun. Why not?

And now that I’ve been in Zagreb for a week, I am writing with Croatian accent in my head as I type. It’s kind of fun. Maybe you can hear it? Maybe not. I don’t care. It’s fun for me. not that your fun is not important. But if if mine is not there, then there is no art. And that is what I am after: art. Big, bloody, farty, loud, simple, no not simple, art.

But I did realize that this week. Or maybe it was the week before. who knows? But for me, life…. art….it’s about play. Maybe this is not for everyone? But for me — yes. play. I’m going to drill this into my skull until I never ever forever ever forget. I can get too serious. We all can. Well maybe some people can’t but I know I can. Too serious. Boring. Focused on work. Money. Being perfect. Always responding. Being on time. Neat and tidy. But play… PLAY! That is where LIFE FORCE starts to come back. I…