fiction ain’t gonna make ya rich

but it will make ya happy and free

Lara Starsearch
3 min readMar 11

here’s something. i think one of the most radical things you can do is write fiction. mainly because these days everyone seems to want non-fiction. something practical. something purposeful. useful.

we use it to get somewhere. leverage. fiction is useless. it’s about NOT making sense. it’s about letting your imagination lead. like letting a horse just walk with the rope dragging along the ground. it’s about not being type A. it’s about ‘letting’ rather than ‘forcing.’ you can wildly disagree with me. feel free. but this is fiction and i can say whatever the hell i want. and nobody can stop me because i’m making shit up. and i’m letting you know right now i’m making shit up. bite me.

if you were stuck in jail and you had nowhere to go at least you would have your mind which could go anywhere it wanted. it would be free. and that’s why i like fiction. nobody can tell ME what to think. if i were writing a dissertation on whether the dangers of chromium 6 in your tapwater is a conspiracy or not, then yes we could debate that. but fiction is not about debating. it’s about letting your mind wander. letting it conjure up new thoughts. good or bad — doesn’t matter. they are just thoughts and when you live in a world where every step is measured by how good or bad it is, it’s nice sometimes to just turn that judging part of your brain off and just BE.

So invite you to write fiction. it’s good for cleansing the soul palate. here, i’ll give you a sampler plate:

‘molly sat on the sofa. she didn’t know whether to get up and go for a run or sit and watch a movie. she did neither. she looked out the window. she thought about the neighbors and the day their house caught on fire. she wondered what that would have been like. she wondered about the homeless people who had been living in the abandoned house and what they did to make it catch on fire. she wondered what it would like to be homeless. she wondered what would have to happen to her to lead her to end up on the streets.

and then she got up and she walked into the kitchen and made some tea and before drinking it…